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Thanks for signing up to receive information from us that may help you start a business, earn extra money from home, getting a better job! All the information you receive from us is based on our own experiences and lessons we learnt from going from a social housing tenant to building and owning a vast property portfolio business.

Treat this as a shortcut to success as we hope you gain some valuable tips and advice to stop you wasting your time and money on things that don’t help your current situation or will not improve your future. We found this out the hard way ourselves by years and years of struggling and getting in debt, struggling to pay bills and having no money left over at the end of the month.

Not all the information maybe applicable to your current situation at the moment but it may help in the future, save this email or share it with someone if you think it may help them. You will receive separate emails from us, each with a separate message or piece or advice.

Let’s Get Started….

This is the first email in the series and I think it’s the most important in my opinion if you have an idea for a business, or you can make products but don’t know how to sell them. This especially applies if you have no money to start a business or don’t know what steps you should take to launch it.

So you want to earn extra money from Home?

I found myself in this situation years ago, going round in cycles trying different ideas and every single one of them failed! It was down to having no money, everything in this world costs money. I had good ideas, I thought, so I set about creating businesses, setting up websites, facebook pages, leaflets, but never got no sales!!!

At the time I kept blaming the reason I failed was on having no money, I kept saying to myself if only I had money to advertise properly I would get sales for my ideas, this turned out to be total rubbish.

I spent years and years in this cycle until I discovered the answer, I wish I had received this email years ago because it would have saved me soo much time and wasted money!

I am not very tech minded and the thought of building a website scared me, I did however try many times, using free software but all of them looked poor quality and not very professional. Once I even saved up for months and months and had a website built by a professional, which worked and looked fantastic but still never got no sales.

I honestly thought I would be on benefits and minimum wage forever!

The only progress I did make was I started doing some online courses to develop my CV so I could get a better job, I even signed up for a university course but dropped out after 2 years because I realised that wasn’t the answer either.

So What’s The Answer…

This is a tricky answer because everyone is in a different situation, so it’s hard for me to give a specific answer.

So I will tell you what I did and are still doing, it’s for those people who want to work from home, between school hours, start a business or have an idea for a business. You don’t even need a product to sell, I can help you with that as well.

But first, you need to promise me that you will stop spending anymore money on websites, leaflets, google ads, or any other useless piece of software. I can assure you it will never work unless you have loads of money for advertising.

In my opinion, there is only one route to success with no money.

And the best thing is, it’s absolutely free to start with. You can try it and prove it works before it costs you anything. Every business costs money so you will eventually have to spend a little bit of money at some point.

Now it’s time for the solution that will change everything for you!

You can see on our website that we still use this software for everything we do, we use it for collecting leads (people that are interested in our services), we use it for tenant and landlord sign up forms, we even run our affiliate program through it! And even the form you filled in to start receiving these emails from us!

Everyone here at the office, thinks it’s amazing and I can’t see any reason why I would ever stop using it.

You may have already heard of it, it’s called Clickfunnels. It has dramatically changed my life and the people that we’ve helped so far!

This all in one solution is the answer to making money online or at home, it has everything you need to set up a business, sell products, sell other people’s products or promote anything.

The basic principle is creating a sales funnel, there is ton’s of info on the internet about it, loads of YouTube videos and all the support you need! The founder of Clickfunnels puts loads of helpful videos online to help you set up and how to be successful no matter what your business idea or product is. Don’t worry if you haven’t got anything to sell, he will even show you what to do!

It’s free to try, so you have nothing to loose but in my opinion, please take it seriously as it could change your life!

You can set your first funnel up in less than an hour with no products and run a £10 advert on Facebook ads and prove it works.

Once you happy with how it going and you can see money start to come in, or interest in your service, you may need to tweak a few things but then you can spend a little more on advertising. The general rule of the funnel is if you spend a £1 on advertising then you will see at least £2 back in profit. Then you can scale, £10 on £20 back, £20 on £80 back, keep scaling until you start seeing big results £200 on £900 back and so on….

You will probably then have to switch to the paid version of the software, it’s American so it’s in dollars but don’t let this put you off as it works perfectly in the UK as well. You may have to tone down the Americanisms a little bit as they like being a bit brash with the lingo.

Please take this seriously and in less than an hour you could be up and running and have money coming in tomorrow.

Follow this link to Sign up for a free trial.

Click Here For Link


First thing to do is, sign up for a free account then head over to YouTube to watch the owner Russell Brunson talk about how it all works. There’s plenty of help on Clickfunnels as well including videos and support information.

Good Luck and Look out for Part 2 from us where we will talk about another topic…

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