The Complete Guide to Get a Social Housing Home with My Social Home!

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In this comprehensive guide we are going to walk you through the process of signing up to be a tenant at My Social Home. The process is very simple and after reading this guide, it should only take you around 7 minutes.

If after reading this guide, your still not sure about signing up as a tenant or your not ready to move yet? Well, why not sign up to our free property alerts! All you need to do is add your basic details and desired locations, then we will send you personalised alerts of the latest properties available based on your requirements.

In this guide you will discover all the steps you need to take in order to find a new home with My Social Home and we will answer the most common questions that we receive from our tenants.

Let’s Get Started!

First a bit about us……..

My Social Home was founded in 2018 by two friends Nick and Pete who are highly experienced tenants, having lived in social and private housing most of our adult lives we understand the problems and struggles tenants have. After years of struggling with money, bills, rogue agents and un-secure housing, we managed to escape the cycle and build a highly successful property portfolio and ultimately launch MSH which has since seen phenomenal growth and success in positively and permanently changing the property letting industry for the best.

After building our property portfolio we found that using a variety high street agents around the country to manage our properties was a big mistake, we felt that we was being ripped off by huge fee’s and being over charged for maintenance issues. We also saw that most of our tenants were unhappy with the way they were treated by the letting agents. So we decided the self manage the properties and tenants, this was a big learning curve for us but we slowly started to develop systems and deliver higher quality services to our tenants. We made it our goal to engage with the tenants on a personal level and try and work out what they needed for them to be happy and stay for longer periods. We started to implement new ways of working which has not been seen in the industry before and it quickly became a huge success, to the point that we was being asked by other landlords and property investors to manage their properties for them.

After 2 years of constant growth, bringing on more and more properties. We decided to go the extra mile and help tenants even further. Coming from a social housing background, we felt we could deliver the same results we had been giving our private tenants and provide the same results to social housing tenants. We felt social tenants on benefits or low income should have access to good quality housing without massive fee’s or high deposits. So ultimately, we created My Social Home at the beginning of 2018, which has seen tremendous growth, which we didn’t expect! And Yes, we are making some mistakes, we are human, but we are working hard to improve rapidly and constantly deliver the high results we want for our tenants. I’m soo confident that we will achieve this but it may take a little time to get everything perfect.


Now I will try and answer some of the most common questions we receive from our tenants?

How are we different from high street agents?

Well, we are totally different from high street letting agents because we don’t charge any fee’s period! No reference, deposits, pet, renewal, cleaning, tenancy fee’s and more!

We only take on landlords/property owners that have long term goals. We don’t like 6 month tenancies, we want tenants to stay as long as they want!

We have no high street fancy shops! We are primarily an online business, we do have a central office and we can deliver all our services from there!

We offer tenants a membership program where they have access to our services 24/7, we store tenant details and requirements and help them find a suitable property in their desired area.

We personally work with tenants to understand their situation and find them a suitable home.

How does our system work?

We have built an online community of tenants that can find a new property in any location they desire. For the tenant, it is a simple process! Just a matter of filling in a simple application form, then you will become a member of our website for 12 months. As a tenant you will be able to view property details and bid on an unlimited number of properties. We have created a fair bidding system on properties, so all applications have the same chance of success. However, where possible we try to house the most urgent cases first.

Behind the scenes is where the magic happens! Once we receive bids on a property, our team starts to present your case to the landlord/homeowner, this is where we act on your behalf and present your case as best as possible. We may ask for further information if we have any questions. We make sure the information provided by the tenant aligns with the landlord/property owners requirements.

Once the landlord/property owner is happy with the applications we will invite a shortlist of 3 applicants to view the property or until the property is let.

At this viewing we will explain all the details of the tenancy and services we offer to the tenant, discuss possible moving dates, then it’s up to to you to decide if you would like to take the property on! The tenancy agreement will be sent electronically and can be signed online.

Then all you need to do, is pay the first month’s rent and move in!

We then offer full support to the tenant to make sure everything goes smoothly including how to use our repairs service.

What does it Cost?

For a new tenant to join our online community. We charge a small fee of £30 for 12 months membership to have full access to our site.

For a Landlord to let us mange their properties through us. We charge a Landlord Set Up Fee of £120 inc VAT then a Fixed monthly fee of £45 Per Month inc VAT.

How do we compare to high street letting agents?

Here are a list of typical items a traditional letting agent may charge you!

Inventory fee:  Upto – £100
Tenancy reference: Upto – £200
Deposit of 4-6 weeks rent
Agreement fee: Upto – £70
Tenancy renewal fee: Upto -£100
Administration fee: Upto – £100

Here’s some extra charges you may get with letting agents!

A penalty payment if you don’t pay the rent by standing order
A reservation fee to hold a property while you get a reference or deposit
A moving in charge
A moving out charge
Cleaning charges when you move out leaving the place spotless
Unnecessary letters or form letters, such as ones telling you that your rent is going up
A fee for signing up with the agency
A fee for a tenancy agreement
Any admin which is inevitable


My Social Home Tenant Costs:

One off payment of £30 for 12 months membership to help find a home!


What happens if I can’t find a Property?

We are constantly adding new properties to the website daily and were pretty sure that we will have a suitable property that meets your requirements. The key to finding a new home is to visit our site regularly and bid on properties as soon as you see them.

Who owns the Property I live in?

We hold a vast property portfolio, we work with local housing authorities, private landlords, investors and we also have a large selection of our own properties. If you have been shortlisted for a property, we will explain and give you the full details of the owner. However, we manage the your new home through the whole life of the tenancy.

What happens if I have a Problem or need a repair?

At My Social Home’s headquarters, we open 24 hours a day. Our repairs reporting software can be used 24 hours a day and repairs will be scheduled due to urgency. If you have an emergency during the night or at weekends, we will send an engineer to help!

Normal office hours are 9-5 Mon-Friday but email support is 24 hours and we have our maintenance team monitoring issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week because we all know things happen when we least expect it!

Can I swap properties after Ive signed a tenancy?

The simple answer is YES! but you must have completed at least 6 months in one of our tenancies and must have no rent arrears. We are launching a Home Swap website in 2019 exclusively for My Social Home tenants.

How do I Pay my Rent?

We are very flexible! We know juggling bills and money can be a problem for most tenants, we understand most tenants receive money on different days throughout the month, so you should be able to pay your rent when it suits your situation. That’s why at My Social Home we allow tenants to pay in a variety of ways. You can pay any amount daily, weekly monthly as long as your rent is paid before the due date. You can pay either directly on the website, by phone or by setting up a direct debit. We can work with you to work out what best suits your current situation.

What areas do you have properties in?

My Social Home works with local housing authorities, private landlords, investors throughout the UK. We are expanding rapidly and are adding new areas daily.


What are the steps to become a Tenant at My Social Home?

Step 1

Visit the website My Social Home and go to the home page and Click Here to Apply

Step 2

Complete the application form and pay the £30 membership fee.

Step 3

Once we receive your application it will be reviewed by our team and the relevant checks will be carried out and banding will be decided.

Step 4

You will then receive your confirmation email with your unique bidding number and banding. At this point you will now be a active member of our community.

Step 5

Log in to our website and start viewing and bidding on properties.

Step 6

Once we receive bids on a property, we will turn these into applications and submit to landlord for approval.

Step 7

A shortlist of suitable applications is drawn up between us and the landlord and the successful applicants will be invited to view the property.

Step 8

We will explain the tenancy in detail to the applicant and they can choose to accept or decline the property.

Step 9

If you accept the tenancy, it will be sent to you online for you to check and sign.

Step 10

Pay first month’s rent and move in!


If you have any further questions or fancy a chat drop on a line and we be happy to hear from you! You can visit our website for more FAQ’s or visit our homepage to start your membership……




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