What Jobs Can You Do Between Schools Hours 9-3? My Experience!

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So your looking for that illusive job that you can earn good money and do between school hours?

This was a problem I had a few years ago now, as a single dad with a 4 year old little boy.

After going through a break up with my long term partner for over 10 years, I found myself in a situation where I couldn’t see a way out, I was on benefits, living in social housing, 30 grand in debt and living day to day.

sinking shipI was struggling and sinking fast, my main priority was to provide and look after my son which I did to my best abilities but I had this desire to do more and earn more money. I must have gone through every scenario in my head, spoke to family and friends and no-one could come up with a solution.

I searched the internet for answers but all I could find was thousands of people in the same boat. And the conclusion for most people is that you need to put your life on hold until your child is either old enough to go after school club or you get someone to babysit.

After working out the costs for after school clubs and babysitters, I found that it wouldn’t be worth working because I couldn’t bring in enough money to cover it!

So I decided to try some online work from home schemes, I was sceptical because there is a lot of scammers online. I decided to try Avon because it was a well known brand.

Anyway, I signed up and started to deliver the catalogues door to door in-between school hours, the orders were slim and after wasting 2 months every day delivering and collecting the catalogues. I decided it didn’t work especially for the amount of work I was doing. I then tried various other work from home schemes and none worked.

I spent a long time trying to find an alternative. I’m sure there is some normal jobs out there if you have the relevant experience but at the time I didn’t.

You can find some jobs in-between school hours such as:

  • Virtual Personal Assistant
  • Child Minding
  • Human Resources
  • IT and Design Jobs
  • Writing – Website and Blog Content

My Opinion is that you have 3 choices, either try and find one of the above jobs or start your own business or invest in yourself, learning and courses.

I personally started with investing in learning a new skill for future benefit, some people do university courses or similar. I also started university but decided to drop out in the second year because I realised it wasn’t for me and my debt was increasing – See my other article of How to get a 50k Job for more details on this story.

The short version of the story is that I started thinking long term. What do I want to be doing in 5 years time?

My goal was to get a 50k job, so I set about working on a plan to develop the skills needed to get that job at a later date and if my circumstances changed.

In summary, I basically started doing free courses online, getting certificates and building up my CV portfolio. I then started using my benefit money to do slightly more advanced courses. Then once I was working I still kept investing in myself and courses.

Before I knew it, my situation changed and I met a new partner who could help me with my child care problem.

It still wasn’t easy as she worked weekends and I then got a job during the week. I swapped jobs regularly and after 2 years I landed myself a 55k a year job.

I wanted to share this short story of this part of my life to show people that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and the decision to start investing in myself is the best decision I ever made. I was lucky in a way because I met my partner who worked opposite shifts but my advice would be:

If your single with children, then invest in your career and self development, it can only benefit you. No matter what happens stick to your plan, it may not change your circumstances now but it may in the future. I hope there was something helpful in my story that might guide you away from my mistakes.

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