Is there a Shortage of Affordable Homes?

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Well, we all know that the government aren’t building enough social housing homes and this has been going on for decades.

With rents soaring, poor conditions and more people becoming homeless as a result.

The normal response from people is too say there’s not enough homes being built. This is true as we should be building over 250,000 new homes a year to keep up with demand.


When we talking about affordable housing, at MSH we see things slightly different. Whilst were waiting for the government to sort out the housing crisis whenever that may be. We as a country, need a solution now!

Our research shows that the big problem is the gap in-between social housing and private renting.

Most people cannot afford the costs associated with the private renting, I know from personal experience that it’s very expensive. Especially when you think about the costs involved.

  • Letting agent reference fees can range from £30 to as high as £300 in some areas.
  • Deposits are also a major problem. A lot of people haven’t got any savings or have any ways to raise a deposit, normally this is equal to one months rent. Some local councils offer to help with deposits and some run a deposit guarantee schemes, but as you know, dealing with councils can be a  headache, with lengthy forms, months of waiting and poor communication.
  • Moving Costs – These can quickly add up and it’s not always something people think about until they start doing it. Even renting a van can be expensive. Most van rental companies charge on average £70 for the day but a security deposit is normally required and this can be as much as £250. I know this gets returned to you after you return the vehicle with no damage but these deposits from our experience can take up to 2 weeks to be returned to you if paying by card. It’s just something to think about when moving with little money.

To move into a typical 3 bedroom private rented house (depending on the area) Let’s have a look at the potential costs:

  • Deposit (normally 1 months rent) – £700
  • Reference Fee’s (High Street Letting Agent) – £200
  • 1 Month’s Rent – £700
  • Moving Cost’s (Van hire, fuel, boxes etc) – £300

You could be looking in the region of £1900. (For maybe a 6 months tenancy)

This is just out of reach for most people especially for those people on low income and benefits.

When you also add in the length of the tenancy that could be a concern. It just seems crazy to us!

It feels impossible for some people having these large expenses every time you move.

That’s why here at MSH, we believe tenants should have the options for long term tenancies with options to leave early if necessary because things happen in life and sometimes we need to move due change of circumstances, but without the burden of the remining rent contact. A fair notice period should be built in so it’s mutual for both parties.

We believe more housing associations and landlords should have a look at what were doing and start making some serious changes.

The old system is not working and needs to change.

Check out our other articles to see how were changing the industry for the better!

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